Guillaume, the owner riding one of his e-bikes.
Our Mission

We are a tour company dedicated to offering the best guided tours in the region on electric devices like electric bikes and scooters in Niagara. After conducting tours on Segway for several years, we decided to expand our business into electric bikes and scooters. We now offer a distinct experience on two wheels. Our guided tours focus on safety, learning, and fun! We limit our tours to 6 people to truly meet our guest’s needs and have a great day with each of them. By limiting our group size, we also ensure the safety of our participants. We are the Best bike rentals in Niagara on the lake

We’re passionate about giving guests a genuine experience and sharing our inside knowledge. We are Best in E bikes and Scooter rentals in Niagara. Join our unique tours of this beautiful region, we‘ve got something to offer to everyone. 

Our E-Bikes and Scooters

Riding an Ebike is a great experience.  Enjoy the outdoors, feel the wind in your face, and truly reconnect with nature in a way that’s impossible by car or bus. An E bike doesn’t need a parking spot, so we can stop where and when we want without having to worry about bothering others. We will take you to places that no bus tours go and help you experience what Niagara is all about.  

Our e-bikes are regularly maintained and easy to use. They work just like a regular bicycle but are slightly heavier, and they only assist you when necessary. With no gas engine, they are quiet and respectful to the environment. Storage at the front and back allows you to carry a few personal items or purchase a few souvenirs along the way. Per Ontario law, you must be at least 16 years old to ride an electric bike, and everyone must wear a helmet. So our Ebikes are the best in Niagara Area to reconnect with nature.

If you’ve never been on a scooter, this is the time to try! Don’t worry, it’s not particularly difficult as long as you can ride a bike. We are the best in Niagara Falls Scooter Rentals. Our electric scooters are fun and zippy especially for riding around the town and on country roads. Their speed is limited to 32km/h (20 miles) by law, which lets you cruise around comfortably without much effort! To conclude, our e-bikes and scooters are the ideal activity for a wonderful day or afternoon with friends and family. By adding electricity, everybody in your group can enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat or struggling to keep up. It’s a great way to reconnect with your family and enjoy the landscapes while learning about the area.

We Want to Hear From You

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